VW ID 7 Unveiled: A Deep Dive into Performance & Features

22 April 2024|Tags: , |

Our Rating 4.5/5 Pros Long Driving Range Spacious and Comfortable Interior Cons Complex Interior Controls Introduction The Volkswagen ID 7 represents the latest in VW's lineup of electric vehicles (EVs), marking an important evolution in the brand's commitment to electric mobility. As the fifth distinct model in VW's ID series, which includes various body styles and the VW ID Buzz MPV, the ID 7 emerges not merely as another option but as a pivotal figure aimed at strengthening VW's foothold in the [...]

Renault Scenic E-Tech 2024 Review: Spacious Electric SUV

18 March 2024|Tags: , |

Our Rating 4/5 Pros Impressive Electric Range Spacious and Comfortable Interior Cons Ride Quality on Poor Roads Introduction The Renault Scenic E-Tech represents the brand's latest foray into the electric vehicle market, transitioning from the previous model's mini-MPV design to a more contemporary five-seat electric family car. This model seeks to blend the lines between a large hatchback and an SUV, positioning itself as a practical alternative to the electric Renault Megane, and competing directly with models like the Skoda Enyaq and [...]

Peugeot E-3008 2024 Review: A Stylish Electric SUV

5 March 2024|Tags: , |

Our Rating 4.5/5 Pros Distinctive Design Spacious Interior Cons No Physical Climate Controls Introduction The Peugeot E-3008 enters the electric vehicle market as a full-electric version of the brand's popular compact SUV model. This new addition to Peugeot's electric lineup aims to offer consumers a more spacious and long-range option compared to the brand's smaller models like the e-208 and e-2008. The Peugeot E-3008 represents a significant evolution in the brand's design language, blending modern aesthetics with functional features that enhance the [...]

Volvo EX30 Review: Compact Electric Pioneer

27 February 2024|Tags: , |

Our Rating 4/5 Pros Technology and Safety Features Urban Practicality Cons Rear Seat Space Introduction The Volvo EX30 is an electric compact SUV that represents Volvo's foray into the increasingly competitive electric vehicle (EV) market, specifically targeting the urban and environmentally conscious driver. As the smallest and most accessible model in Volvo's electric lineup, the EX30 aims to blend the brand's renowned safety features, Scandinavian design, and sustainability in a package that is more attainable for a broader audience. Designed with urban [...]

Lexus LBX Review: A Compact Hybrid SUV with Mixed Fortunes

31 January 2024|Tags: , |

Our Rating 3.5/5 Pros Luxurious Front Cabin Efficient Hybrid Powertrain Cons Limited Rear Cabin Space Introduction The Lexus LBX enters the small SUV market as a compact, hybrid-powered vehicle, representing the premium segment of Toyota's lineup. As the smallest offering from Lexus, it aims to blend luxury with efficiency in a more urban-friendly package. But does it deliver on these promises? Let's dive in Exterior Design and Styling The exterior of the Lexus LBX is a strong selling point. It successfully [...]

BYD Seal Electric Sports Saloon Review: Performance, Design, and Tech Insights

12 January 2024|Tags: , |

The BYD Seal is the third fully electric model from the Chinese manufacturer BYD – an acronym for Build Your Dreams. Following the introduction of the Atto 3 crossover and the affordable Dolphin hatchback in the UK, the Seal is a sports saloon that aims to inject some vitality into BYD's somewhat subdued range. With its proportions and design likely appealing to European tastes, the Seal seems to blend familiarity with novelty, despite not quite reaching the distinctiveness of models like the Hyundai Ioniq 6. Exterior Design Visually, the Seal is a nod to contemporary aesthetics, presenting [...]

BYD Dolphin Review: Affordable, Stylish EV Choice

27 December 2023|Tags: , |

The BYD Dolphin is an electric vehicle that has been creating some waves in the automotive industry. Following the larger BYD Atto 3 electric SUV, the Dolphin enters as a smaller, more affordable option for those looking to switch to electric motoring. Its competition includes the likes of the Peugeot e-208 and the Vauxhall Corsa Electric. In this review, we'll delve into how the Dolphin fares in various aspects such as performance, comfort, practicality, and cost. Exterior Design The BYD Dolphin distinguishes itself with a fresh and modern exterior design that stands out in the compact electric [...]

Lotus Eletre Review: Electric SUV Redefined

6 December 2023|Tags: , |

The Lotus Eletre represents a significant shift for a brand traditionally known for lightweight sports cars. This electric SUV, while heavier, aims to blend Lotus' ethos with the demands of a broader market. The Eletre stands out with an impressive interior, strong grip in corners, and high-speed cruising comfort. However, it's not without drawbacks, including noticeable road noise and a less comfortable ride in urban settings. Performance and Handling The Eletre is available in three versions: the standard model, the Eletre S, and the top-of-the-line Eletre R. Both the standard and the S variant are equipped with [...]

Hyundai Ioniq 5 N Review: Unleashing the Future of Electric Performance

1 December 2023|Tags: , |

Unveiling the Pure Electric Driver’s Car In the world of electric vehicles (EVs), the Hyundai Ioniq 5 N stands out as a remarkable feat, particularly for those who cherish the essence of driving. Developed from the ground up as a pure driver's car, the Ioniq 5 N transcends the typical boundaries of electric mobility, offering a driving experience that rivals even the most revered sports saloons and hypercars. The Genesis of Hyundai's N Performance Division Hyundai's N performance division, known for its exceptional hot hatchbacks like the i30 and i20, has taken a significant leap with [...]

Smart #1 Review: A Fresh Electric Era for Smart?

26 September 2023|Tags: , |

Our Rating 4.5/5 Pros Great build quality Modern AI assistant Cons Small boot Introduction As we find ourselves amidst an electric revolution, automotive brands, both old and new, are racing to leave their mark. The Smart brand, historically synonymous with compact city cars, has rolled the dice in a bold new direction with the unveiling of the Smart #1. Shaking off its image of minuscule two-seaters, this new entrant seeks to redefine what the brand stands for in this electrified age. In [...]

The Fiat 600e: Retro Meets the Electric Future – A Comprehensive Review

26 September 2023|Tags: , |

Our Rating 4.5/5 Pros Distinctive retro-modern design. Impressive safety features Cons Rear seating can be tight on legroom. Not the zippiest Introduction The age of electric vehicles (EVs) continues to electrify the automotive landscape, reshaping our perceptions of what's possible on four wheels. Fiat, an iconic brand rich in history, hasn’t been left behind, revealing the 600e, a blend of its classic charm with modern-day EV tech. This review delves into what you can expect from the new kid on the [...]

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Behind the Wheel of the 2023 Fisker Ocean: An Honest Look at the New EV Contender

21 September 2023|Tags: , |

Our Rating 4.5/5 Pros Strong emphasis on sustainability Competitive price point Cons Handling nuances Lack of adaptive suspension. Introduction Delving into the electric SUV space, Fisker’s latest entrant – the Ocean – is making waves, promising to be an eco-warrior on wheels. Coming from a company that had a bumpy start with the Fisker Karma, we're keen to uncover whether lessons from the past have culminated in a masterstroke for the future. Exterior Design and Styling The Fisker Ocean's exterior [...]

2023 Honda e:Ny1 – Bridging The Gap in Electric Mobility

13 September 2023|Tags: , |

Our Rating 3.5/5 Pros City-Friendly Design Modern Tech Interface Cons Limited Boot Space Rear-Seat Accessibility Introduction Just three years after the UK debut of the Honda e, Honda pulls the curtain off its fresh electric entrant, the e:Ny1 SUV. With a pronounced name “e-en-why-one” and a pricing tag starting at £44,995, it's clear that Honda is aiming to reel in a new crowd, primarily younger families. But does it stand tall amidst its competition? Exterior Design and Styling Honda's electric [...]

Toyota bZ4X Review: A Bold Entry into the EV World by Toyota

6 September 2023|Tags: , |

Our Rating 3/5 Pros Robust Build Quality Practical and spacious interior Cons Slightly on the pricier side Complicated infotainment system Introduction The Toyota bZ4X is one of Toyota's ventures into the all-electric vehicle segment. The name "bZ" stands for "beyond Zero," which indicates Toyota's commitment to creating a carbon-neutral future. The bZ4X is an all-electric SUV that represents the company's strategy to broaden its electric vehicle lineup as part of its larger aim to offer a range of electric and electrified [...]

Vauxhall Astra Electric 2023: Green Transition or Simply Trending?

1 September 2023|Tags: , |

Our Rating 3.5/5 Pros User-friendly Tech Subtle Electrification Safety Features Cons Performance Lag Mixed Interior Quality Introduction The Vauxhall Astra, a household name for many, takes a bold step into the electric age. But does it capture the spirit of the new era while holding onto its iconic legacy? Performance The 2023 Vauxhall Astra Electric attempts to marry its rich lineage with the demands of modern-day electric motoring. Starting with the heart of the vehicle, the 54kWh battery sends [...]

Mazda MX-30 Electric SUV: A Bold Approach to EVs

30 August 2023|Tags: , , , |

Our Rating 3.5/5 Pros Distinctive Styling Engaging Drive Eco-Friendly Battery Approach Cons Limited Range Tricky Door Access Introduction The electric vehicle (EV) market has been expanding rapidly, with every major automaker trying to carve a niche for itself. Enter the Mazda MX-30, a distinct entrant in this burgeoning market. Neither a conventional family SUV nor a dedicated city car, the MX-30 seems to straddle the space between the two, offering a unique take on electric mobility. It's a brave step [...]

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Cupra Tavascan: A Peek into the Latest Electric Coupe SUV

17 August 2023|Tags: , , |

As the electrified streets buzz with more and more electric vehicles, Cupra throws its hat in the ring with the Tavascan. Cupra, Volkswagen Group's performance arm, is readying its sophomore EV launch after the Cupra Born. So, let’s break down the ins and outs of the Cupra Tavascan. What is it? The Tavascan is Cupra’s take on the electric coupe SUV genre, trying to etch its mark in an increasingly crowded field. Positioned a notch above the Cupra Born, it promises to blend zesty performance with electric thriftiness. It's gunning for the discerning driver who desires flair and [...]

Mercedes EQS 2023 review

17 August 2023|Tags: |

Our Rating 4.5/5 Pros Advanced Electric Powertrain Luxurious interior Impressive range Cons Premium price point Size and Maneuverability Interior Overwhelming for Some Introduction As the electric tide continues its surge, Mercedes-Benz wades in deep with its opulent flagship offering: the EQS. The Mercedes-Benz EQS, an embodiment of luxury and innovation, comes at a premium. Delving into its cost and trim options offers a clear picture of what to expect. The range begins with the EQS 450+ AMG Line, setting [...]

BMW i4 2023 review

8 August 2023|Tags: , |

Our Rating 4/5 Pros Elegant Design Swift acceleration Premium interior Cons Compromised rear headroom Uninspiring in the corners Voice control system requires refinement Introduction The wave of electrification is washing over the automotive sector, reshaping the contours of vehicular luxury and performance. BMW's i4 is a beacon in this transformation, marrying the brand's signature driving prowess with eco-friendly momentum. Designed for aficionados who yearn for the BMW hallmark of driving ecstasy while treading lightly on the planet, the i4 [...]

MG to launch the All-New MG4 EV XPOWER

10 July 2023|Tags: , , , , , |

Introduction MG, the renowned automaker, has unveiled the highly anticipated MG4 EV XPOWER, a ground-breaking high-performance hatchback that sets new standards for speed and power. Packed with cutting-edge features and advanced technology, this electric vehicle (EV) is set to revolutionize the market. In this article, we'll delve into the remarkable specifications, innovative functionalities, and exclusive details of the MG4 EV XPOWER. Performance The MG4 EV XPOWER boasts an impressive 64kWh battery, propelling it to a maximum power output of 435PS (320kW). With this exceptional performance, the MG4 EV XPOWER accelerates from 0 to 62 mph in a mere [...]