MG to launch the All-New MG4 EV XPOWER

10 July 2023|Tags: , , , , , |

Introduction MG, the renowned automaker, has unveiled the highly anticipated MG4 EV XPOWER, a ground-breaking high-performance hatchback that sets new standards for speed and power. Packed with cutting-edge features and advanced technology, this electric vehicle (EV) is set to revolutionize the market. In this article, we'll delve into the remarkable specifications, innovative functionalities, and exclusive details of the MG4 EV XPOWER. Performance The MG4 EV XPOWER boasts an impressive 64kWh battery, propelling it to a maximum power output of 435PS (320kW). With this exceptional performance, the MG4 EV XPOWER accelerates from 0 to 62 mph in a mere [...]

  • MG HS PHEV Review


26 March 2022|

Our Rating 4/5 Pros Best price SUV PHEV Great interior and equipment 7-year warranty Cons More expensive than petrol version Rivals better to drive Not the most stylish option MG is on the up  MG is the fastest-growing car manufacturer right now, with record sales thanks to affordable prices, and high-quality cars that suit what the market needs – particularly families. MG’s all-electric models are playing a big part in this growth in popularity and sales, most notably the [...]

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MG ZS EV Review

21 March 2022|

Our Rating 4/5 Pros Long range Great tech Excellent price Cons Average drive quality Some cheap interior plastic Top spec not worth extra The most affordable electric SUV The high starting price of most electric vehicles remains a big barrier for many to make the switch to an electric car. The clearest exception to this rule is MG. Thanks to this rejuvenated brand offering the most affordable electric SUV in the MG ZS EV, and the most affordable electric [...]

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MG5 EV Review

21 February 2022|

Our Rating 4/5 Pros Affordable price Great range Good ride quality Cons Design a little bland Cabin feels slightly 90s Limits on standard tech The affordable electric estate This is the most affordable electric estate car available in the UK. By miles. It’s has a long range, comes with an impressive 7yr/80,000 mile warranty, and is suitably spacious inside. And yet it costs the same as a Fiat 500, which is considerably smaller (and offers 50 miles less range). [...]