One of the main things that stop people in the UK from switching to an electric car is the higher entry price, compared to a conventional petrol or diesel car. And while there are plenty of premium EVs with eye-wateringly expensive price tags, there are also many affordable and excellent EVs out there, and perhaps more than you might think.

As such, here are the cheapest electric cars on sale as new, in the UK, right now.

Prices shown include the UK Government’s Plug-in Car Grant: £1,500 off the on-the-road price.

Smart EQ fortwo

10 cheapest electric cars smart fortwo

The cheapest electric car in the UK, to buy new, is the Smart EQ fortwo EV city car. This snappy two-seater has a range of 84 miles and can charge at up to 22 kW. With a battery capacity of 17.6 kWh, a lack of DC charging doesn’t matter much at all.

This compact electric car is powered by a 60-kW electric motor and does 0-62mph in 11.6 seconds. With a low range of 84 miles, it’s obviously suited to local town and city driving, but if you need a local run-around, and want an EV, and you’re on a budget, then this is perfect.


Smart EQ forfour

10 cheapest electric cars smart forfour

Basically, just the same as the Smart’s EQ fortwo, but as a four-seater, with a larger boot, which adds a lot of practicality at a very little price.

The EQ forfour has the same powertrain as the EQ fortwo, but loses a little range and performance edge, due to its slightly larger and heavier frame, which results in an 81-mile range, and 12.7 seconds to hit 62mph.


Fiat 500

10 cheapest electric cars Fiat 500

The iconic Fiat 500 is now only available as a full-electric model, that comes with two battery options: a shorter range 24 kWh entry-level model, that offers a range of 112 miles, or  a longer range 42 kWh model, that offers almost 200 miles. And a 70 kW electric motor that provides plenty of electric oomph.

The smaller range option makes our list, and while you won’t make it to the moon and back, the electric range of 112 miles will be plenty for most daily trips or local commute.


VW e-up!

10 cheapest electric cars VW e-up!

The VW e-up! is high up on our list, coming in at a low price, but offering a rather decent WLTP range of 159 miles, with 0-62mph conquered in 12.4 seconds. The Volkswagen e-up! uses a 36.8 kWh battery, 61 kW motor, and features CCS DC charging.

We like the VW e-up! with a trusty platform that was used for other VW Groups brands, and a straightforward styling that can’t be sniffed at.


Vauxhall Corsa-e

The Vauxhall Corsa-e has a 50 kWh battery and 100 kW electric motor, that offers a WLTP range of 205 miles. It can hit 0-62mph in a snappy 7.6 seconds, with CCS charging offered as standard.

The Corsa-e is built on the same platform as the Peugeot e-208, and both are proving to be very popular. 


Nissan Leaf

10 cheapest electric cars Nissan Leaf

An EV classic, the Nissan Leaf is the longest-serving electric car on the market, and a best-seller.

The current (second generation version) is available as two powertrains: the cheaper version that makes this list offers a range of 170 miles (WLTP) from a 40 kWh battery. While the longer-range version offers 240 miles. These are excellent ranges for this starting-from price tag.


Mini Electric

10 cheapest electric cars Mini Electric

Everyone loves a Mini. They’re fun to drive, and with electric responsiveness and lightning-quick acceleration, the Mini Electric is arguably even more fun to drive.

With a 32.6 kWh battery and 135 kW electric motor, the Mini Electric is the most powerful model on this list. This stylish electric hatchback offers a WLTP range of 145 miles, 0-62mph in a spritely 7.2 seconds, and CCS DC charging. Great for those who enjoy driving, and don’t require top-end range within the smaller and cheaper electric car categories.


Maxda MX-30

10 cheapest electric cars Mazda MX-30

Like the Mini Electric, the Maxda MX-30 is more about driving enjoyment rather than maximising range. It’s a compact crossover (a small SUV) that feels good to drive and offers a low but respectable enough WLTP range of 124 miles.

This modern Mazda has a 105 kW electric motor, and a 35.5 kWh battery. Along with CCS DC points to keep charging times down.



10 cheapest electric cars MG ZS EV

Arguably one of the most important new players in the electric market, thanks to offering the cheapest electric family SUV on the market, and the cheapest electric estate car (below).

MG doesn’t have a large line-up, but their EV offering is excellent, in fact in one of recent guides the MG ZS EV was shown as one of the best value for money models (in our guide ‘Does an electric car save you money?’).

The MG ZS EV has been updated recently to get a cool new look, and even better range, of up to 270 miles (WLTP) from a 73 kWh battery, as well as new kit. Yet is still costs less than £28,000.



10 cheapest electric cars MG5 electric

Here’s another example of fantastic electric value. This long-range estate has been designed to be accessible and accommodating, and as such it’s the largest and most practical on this list.

The MG5 EV has also been recently updated, to up the range to solid 250-mile, which allows for fairly long trips or getting across parts of the country, as well as commutes, from a 61 kWh battery.


Electric car = low running costs

If you’re thinking these are still expensive compared to their petrol and diesel counterparts, they are indeed. But it’s essential to factor in how much you save on fuel costs from driving an electric car. By charging overnight you should be able to get up to 1p per mile, and as long as you drive above an average amount of miles per year (about 12,000 or more) then you will save money overall.

Furthermore, there are many great lease deals out there, which is now one of the most popular ways to buy an electric car, which makes them more accessible to your average person.

Find the right EV for you

If none of these take your fancy, then fear not, we have an EV finder tool that lets you put in your needs and preferences to create a bespoke list just for you. And on our website you can explore cars by price, range, or brand etc. So you can find the options, and the one, that most suits you.