In past years, MG was a firm that built its success based on its sports cars. 

Models such as the MGB and ‘Midget’ are now seen as true classics. In recent years, the ‘new’ MG has had a rather different focus on affordable, well-equipped family cars, and this has helped its sales to boom – in the first five months of 2023, it sold more cars than Skoda and Peugeot. 

But MG is now looking to rekindle some of its sparkle with the Cyberster – a new electric sports car that is a very bold choice. Here’s what we know about it so far. 

It marks MG’s centenary

MG Cyberster

MG pulled the covers off the Cyberster in a surprise at the Shanghai auto show, and it did so in 2023 as this is a very important year for the firm as it marks its centenary. 

Yes, it was 1923 when MG Cars was formed, and though modern-day MG doesn’t share much with the brand of the same name, the firm is keen to not lose sight of its roots by returning to the sports car arena. 

UK roots

MG Cyberster

MG’s foundations lie in the UK, as it was founded in Oxford and produced cars in the UK for more than 80 years. Since MG was bought by Chinese automotive firm SAIC Motor, the firm most certainly isn’t as ‘British’ as it once was, with production taking place in China. 

But the Cyberster has UK roots, as it was SAIC’s advanced design centre in Marylebone, London, that was instrumental to the design of this sports car, and helped the project to get off the ground in the first place. 

Striking design

MG Cyberster

The design of the new Cyberster is most certainly striking, too. While you can see some of the details hark back to classic MG models, especially its later models, there’s plenty of new inspiration as well. 

For example, it boasts scissor doors – a feature usually reserved for supercars – along with a striking LED light bar, incorporating arrows for the indicators. 


MG Cyberster

We know that the Cyberster will come in two forms depending on customer preferences. Kicking off the range will be a rear-wheel-drive model, which is expected to deliver around 300bhp – more than that of a standard BMW Z4 or Audi TT Roadster, for example. 

But at the top of the range will be an all-wheel-drive, dual-motor model that is expected to produce more than 500bhp. MG is yet to announce any further performance details, but we expect a 0-60mph time of around three seconds. 

It is the first bespoke electric roadster

MG Cyberster

While the choice of electric cars on offer continues to grow, there are some segments that are still quite sparse of EVs. One of these is two-seat roadsters and sports cars. 

It’s why the Cyberster will arrive as arguably the first bespoke two-seat electric roadster, which will be quite an achievement! 

The Cyberster is set to go on sale in the UK and the rest of Europe in summer 2024, and is set to be displayed at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, as well as the possibility of it going up the legendary hillclimb.