It’s safe to say that the affordable end of the drop-top market has been well and truly cornered by Mini. 

Its chic Convertible is the most popular vehicle of its type in the UK, and loyal buyers love its cool looks, fun driving experience and top-down thrills. The range of models – including sporty Cooper S and John Cooper Works –  is fantastic too. 

Mini has previously shown off a one-off electric Convertible, but has now decided to put it into production. Let’s take a look at what you need to know.

One of the only electric convertibles on sale

Mini Electric Convertible

Though convertible models aren’t quite as popular as they once were, plenty of buyers still like to choose a drop-top. But if you’ve wanted an EV convertible, the choice has been quite limited. In fact, it’s only the Fiat 500 that’s been available with a zero-emissions powertrain, and given the roof doesn’t fully go back, it’s not a true cabriolet. 

So the Mini Electric Convertible arrives as a unique proposition, and one that aims to offer all the thrills and enjoyment the drop-top Mini is known for, just with a zero-emissions powertrain instead. 

Strong performance

Mini Electric Convertible

With Mini already offering its Electric – an EV version of its famed 3-Door Hatch – it has allowed the firm to implement the same setup into the Convertible with relative ease. In fact, it’s no less practical. 

It’s exactly the same electric powertrain offered with the Convertible too, which uses a 181bhp electric motor allowing for a 0-60mph time of eight seconds, with Mini promising the same ‘go-kart feel’. The range is limited to 125 miles, but this should still prove plentiful for city dwellers. 

Model-specific styling

Mini Convertible Electric

Unlike the regular Mini Electric, the Convertible is being offered with a fixed specification. While it most certainly looks subtle, and will not be immediately noticeable as an ‘EV’, there are a number of model-specific styling elements to look out for. 

It’s offered in just two colours – Enigmatic Black or White Silver – while the door handles, side scuttles and light surrounds are finished in Resolute Bronze. There’s a noticeable lack of exhaust pipe too, while unique 17-inch alloy wheels are fitted too, which are produced from recycled aluminium. 

Loads of equipment included

Mini Electric Convertible

Though Mini might only be offering the Electric Convertible in a single grade, it’s one that certainly isn’t lacking on the equipment front, with loads of equipment fitted as standard. 

Inside, there are heated leather seats fitted, along with a heated Nappa leather steering wheel. A head-up display is also included along with a suite of driver assistance features, such as adaptive cruise control. 

Exclusivity guaranteed 

Mini Electric Convertible

Production of the current generation of Mini and Mini Electric is due to end later this year as the firm makes way for an all-new model, so this new EV can partly be seen as a ‘final edition’. 

As a result, it’s only being sold in a small series, with just 999 examples set to be produced in Europe. Of these, only 150 will be coming to the UK, meaning you’ve got guaranteed exclusivity with it. Each vehicle is individually numbered and will be produced alongside the petrol Mini Convertible at the factory in the Netherlands. Set to be available from April 2023, the Mini Electric Convertible is priced at £52,500.