Though the number of public electric car chargers continues to grow at a rapid rate (excuse the pun), if you do plenty of longer trips, outright range remains really important. 

And in the past couple of years, significant developments in battery technology has helped to unlock far greater range from many EVs. Here we look at the 10 electric cars that can go the furthest on a single charge. 

1. Mercedes EQS – 453 miles

Mercedes EQS

Having the largest battery in an electric car is sometimes what you need for the greatest range, and that’s definitely the case with the Mercedes EQS, which has by far the longest range of any EV on the market today. 

With its huge 107.8kWh battery, Mercedes says the EQS – essentially an electric version of the S-Class – can travel up to a claimed 453 miles on a single charge, aided by its sleek and aerodynamic shape. The EQS’ cabin is also packed full of technology, and it’s a remarkably comfortable and refined way to travel. 

2. BMW i7 – 387 miles

BMW i7

The main rival for the EQS is the new BMW i7 – the all-electric version of the latest-generation of 7 Series. It’s the German brand’s most advanced model, and is packed full of the newest and best technology; a 32-inch cinema screen can even be optioned for rear passengers. 

Using a large 105kWh battery, the i7’s range is not quite up there with the EQS, but a claimed 387 miles from a charge is still seriously impressive. 

3. Mercedes EQE – 384 miles

Mercedes EQE

The Mercedes EQE arrives as the electric equivalent of the German firm’s E-Class, and slots beneath the EQS in the firm’s line-up. Offering smart, modern styling, its interior is also very similar to Mercedes’ more expensive electric models. 

Thanks to a large 89kWh battery, both EQE 300 and 350 models are capable of a range of up to 384 miles. 

4. BMW iX – 380 miles


The BMW iX arrived as a statement car for BMW’s electric line-up, and though now overtaken by the i7 in the rankings, this bespoke battery-powered SUV is still a remarkably accomplished choice. 

When you choose the ‘xDrive 50’ model, which is equipped with a huge 111kWh battery, it’s able to travel up to 380 miles on an electric range – the longest of any SUV. The iX also offers a fantastic driving experience with its combination of sportiness and comfort. 

5. Tesla Model 3 – 374 miles

Tesla Model 3

If it wasn’t for American EV firm Tesla, electric cars would likely not have developed at the level they have. And the Model 3 – its most affordable EV – is a fantastic choice with its combination of performance, technology and ease of use. 

Now one of the UK’s most popular cars, you’ll want to choose the ‘Long Range’ version of the Model 3, which lives up to its name with a claimed 374 miles possible between charges. 

6. Ford Mustang Mach-E – 372 miles

Ford Mustang Mach-E

Ford’s first bespoke electric car made quite the statement when it arrived in 2020, with the bold use of the Mustang name and styling inspired by the brand’s iconic muscle car. Good to drive, and with a Tesla-like interior, it’s proven a popular choice with buyers. 

If you go for the ‘Extended Range’ version, it packs a large 91kWh battery pack that’s able to achieve an impressive 372 miles from a charge. 

7= BMW i4 – 365 miles

BMW i4

BMW is leading the way with battery technology, and even one of its more affordable EVs – the i4 – is still able to achieve a seriously competitive claimed range of 365 miles on a single charge. 

Designed as an alternative to a 3 Series, and a direct rival to the Tesla Model 3, the i4 is fantastic to drive, and offers a stunning interior and plenty of space too. Look out for an ‘eDrive 40’ model for the longest range. 

7= Mercedes EQS SUV – 365 miles

Mercedes EQS SUV

Alongside the EQS saloon, Mercedes also offers an SUV model, featuring the same focus on technology, quality and refinement. Set to arrive in the UK in early 2023, this model will rival the BMW iX and the upcoming Volvo EX90. 

It shares the same powertrain as the EQS saloon, but because of its less aerodynamic shape, its range is paired back to a still-respectable 365 miles. 

9= Cupra Born – 343 miles

Cupra Born

If you want a more affordable EV that can go the distance, you shouldn’t look much further than the Cupra Born. It’s this sporty Spanish brand’s first EV, and really impresses with its sporty driving experience, generous equipment levels and practicality. 

And if you opt for the range-topping 77kWh battery option, Cupra claims a range of 343 miles – and for a car costing a fraction of the price of many on this list. 

9= Audi Q8 e-tron Sportback – 343 miles

Audi Q8 e-tron Sportback

Sharing the same 343-mile range is the Audi Q8 e-tron Sportback. Recently renamed from just the e-tron Sportback, the German firm has kitted it out with much larger batteries, unlocking a greater range. 

It’s the top-spec ‘55’ version that you want to choose, with the huge 106kWh battery unlocking that claimed aforementioned range. The Q8 e-tron Sportback also offers a classy and elegant design, combined with a particularly upmarket interior.