Electric cars continue to rise in popularity, as more people look to choose these more environmentally-friendly models. 

A lot of EVs on the market are larger and more premium-focused, however, and it means that if you’re in the market for something at the more affordable end of the spectrum, your choices are quite limited. 

But as the market grows, there’s an emergence of lower-priced electric cars, and this will continue. Here are the most affordable EVs on the market

MG4 – from £26,995


MG has established itself as a major player in the electric car world, and for one main reason: value for money. With a range of models able to undercut rivals, the new highlight is the MG4 – currently the most affordable EV in the UK at £26,995. 

This electric Ford Focus-sized hatchback brings modern styling inside and out, while is good to drive and even in this entry-level version, is able to manage an impressive claimed 218 miles on a charge.

Fiat 500 – from £28,195

Fiat 500

Fiat’s 500 has dominated the small and city car market for some time, and now the Italian firm is looking to do the same with EVs. Its new 500e boasts the same iconic styling but is built around different underpinnings to the petrol 500, bringing major advancements when it comes to technology and the way it drives. 

At £28,195 you’re limited to the entry-level car, which has a claimed range of just 118 miles, though a 200-mile range model is available for £31,195. 

Nissan Leaf – from £28,995

Nissan Leaf

Nissan’s Leaf might be one of the older EVs on the market, but it still has plenty to offer – including generous equipment levels, plenty of interior space and lots of technology that is easy to understand. 

With prices starting from £28,995, it remains good value for money, while still having a respectable electric range of 168 miles. 

Renault Zoe – from £29,995

Renault Zoe

Renault was another early innovator when it came to modern electric cars, and its Zoe continues to soldier on as one of the most affordable new EVs on the market. This Clio-sized supermini is easy to drive, well-equipped and looks good too. 

It does well on the efficiency front, too, with Renault boasting a claimed range of 238 miles. It is quite an old EV now, though, and performed badly in recent Euro NCAP safety tests, which is worth bearing in mind. 

MG ZS EV – from £30,495


Looking for a roomier EV, but still at an affordable price? Well, a car that’s tough to beat is the MG ZS EV. With plenty of rear-seat space and a good-sized boot, it offers plenty of room for a smaller family. 

The ZS EV gets plenty of equipment included as standard too, while also comes with MG’s seven-year warranty. By electric car standard, the entry-level model is terrific value at £30,495, while still boasting a claimed 198-mile range. 

MG5 – from £30,995


Electric estate cars are quite a rarity, with many manufacturers yet to start producing them as they initially target more popular segments. An exception to the rule is the MG5 – yes, another MG – which is available from an attractive £30,995.

For that, you get an impressive array of standard equipment, with a particular focus on driver assistance technology. A recent update has given the MG5 improved technology and a more modern design while offering a claimed range of up to 250 miles. 

Mazda MX-30 – from £30,250

Mazda MX-30

Mazda’s first electric car, the MX-30, is one of the funkier electric cars on the market, with this coupe-styled crossover featuring an interior made from various recycled materials, while its backwards-opening rear doors are a neat touch too, if not all that practical. 

The MX-30 comes generously equipped from the offset, while is comfortable and good to drive. It is limited by a poor claimed range of just 124 miles, however. 

Peugeot e-208 – £31,495

Peugeot e-208

Peugeot now has one of the widest ranges of electric cars of any manufacturer, and its most popular choice is the e-208. The EV version of the best-selling 208, it offers a striking design and high-quality interior. 

There’s plenty of technology available on the e-208, while fast charging speeds and a claimed range of 224 miles make it a very attractive choice. 

Citroen e-C4 – from £31,995

Citroen e-C4

Citroen is also ramping up its line-up of EVs, and its e-C4 is a particularly great choice. This SUV-styled hatchback offers plenty of space inside, while its key selling point is a remarkably comfortable ride. 

The level of equipment included is generous too, while it’s generally good value as well. You could also choose the e-C4 X – a longer, saloon version – for the same price. 

GWM Ora Funky Cat – from £31,995

Ora Funky Cat

Rounding off our top 10 is one of the newest electric cars to hit the market – the amusingly-named Ora Funky Cat. Coming from Chinese brand Great Wall Motors (GWM), this smartly-styled hatchback is packed with technology and gets a premium-feeling interior too. 

While a little rough around the edges, with a claimed range of up to 198 miles, the Funky Cat is an attractive choice for those that don’t want to follow the norm.