Our Rating



  • Superb electric range

  • Enjoyable to drive

  • Smart design


  • Back window visibility limited

  • Interior quality limited in places

  • Boot space isn’t huge

Serious range

The Volkswagen ID.3 has proved to be very popular so far, from 1st Edition models, to Pro Performance models, all with a 58kWh battery, and the Pro version offering a very respectable range of up to 263 miles, with an accessible price tag.

Now the new Volkswagen ID.3 Tour Pro S is here to appeal to those who want serious range, by offering a beefy battery, with a 77kWh usable capacity, that can generate the kind of range that will compete with the best.

The ID.3 Tour Pro S is essentially the same car. A five-door family hatchback, which is the size of a Volkswagen Golf, but with a Tour Trim that comes with the new Pro S powertrain, which retails at £42k. And this means that this lovely extra range comes at a premium. And doesn’t qualify for the plug-in car grant (£2.5k off an electric car that costs less than £35k), while the standard version of the Volkswagen ID.3 does, and begins at a very modest £28k.

The ID.3 is an excellently built electric car, and with this new variant on offer, it simply means those that are interested in a highly trustworthy VW EV can choose between a sliding scale of affordability and the luxury of extra miles range.


Lots of kit

As well as the extra range that the Volkswagen ID.3 Tour Pro S offers, you do also get plenty of kit as standard. There are the usual things, such as dual-zone air-con, keyless entry, a rear-view camera, matrix LED headlights, and electric front seats. And also up to 125kW rapid charging as standard, too, which allows the car to charge from 5-80% in 35 minutes.

And there are more minor additions to the equipment list too, such as 19-inch alloys, and 30 different colours of interior ambient lighting, for example.

Most of these elements have little effect on how the ID.3 behaves on the road. Unlike the cheaper but smaller-battery Max edition, the Tour Pro S doesn’t come with adaptive dampers, however, it’s far from unpleasant to drive, even on 19-inch wheels is smooth and steady.


A smooth ride

The Volkswagen ID.3 Tour Pro S and its less costly counterparts all offer superb suspension, which means you won’t suffer any thuds or thunks when driving around town or on older roads, and indeed the sound the Volkswagen ID.3 makes is satisfying in the absence of any annoying background noise that other electric cars can sometimes incur, with the ID.3 only giving out a soft whine under hard acceleration.

At high speeds the ID.3’s weight means it can’t be thrown around like some peppy petrol variants might invite, but it shouldn’t be troubled by any road surfaces whatsoever.

The Volkswagen ID.3 Tour Pro S is comfortable to cruise in, and speedy enough. 0-62mph takes 7.9 seconds, which is nothing fancy in the world of all-electric acceleration, but it’s worth remembering that the ID.3 Tour Pro S has the same 201bhp rear-mounted electric motor as most of the ID.3 range, while carrying extra weight due to a bigger battery.

This single-speed automatic rear-wheel-drive EV offers a top speed of 99mph, with solid driving dynamics that can easily be relied upon.


Impressive driver tech

The Volkswagen ID.3 will blend into your daily life easily. There’s lots of practicality, with good rear-legroom, and a decent Golf-sized boot. As well as lots of snazzy cabin tech.

This is the first Volkswagen ID.3 we’ve tried that boasts the augmented-reality head-up display system, which the VW development team were so keen on that it influenced the design of the MEB platform, in order to accommodate it.

It’s a nice piece of tech that projects the directions you should take, as prompted by the sat-nav, to make navigation even easier. While the 5.3-inch digital instrument panel and 10-inch infotainment screen are both very impressive and intuitive.

However, some elements of the interior finish and materials can feel not so premium in places.


Good looks and great value

The Volkswagen ID.3 is the VW Golf for the electric era, designed from scratch, and the top choice ID.3 Tour Pro S offers a Tesla-slapping range of around 340 miles (though in reality in urban environments it’s more like 300), that has won a number of awards such as Best Electric Family Car, against some tough competition.

The Volkswagen ID.3 has it’s main rivals as the Nissan Leaf, Hyundai Kona Electric and the fantastic Kia e-Niro. But as competent as those cars are, none look quite as good and personable as the electric Volkswagen ID.3.

However, while we love range (who doesn’t) we think the 58kWh ID3 is the pick of the bunch, thanks to the value it delivers with such a low starting price (with many versions qualifying for the plug-in grant), and such high build quality. While the Volkswagen ID.3 Tour Pro S is the choice for those who want or need that extra range, and don’t mind paying a bit more for it.


The people’s electric car

The Volkswagen ID.3 has smart exterior style, with quite a minimalist interior, with the latter a little hard for some to get used to, but it looks great to us, compared to some other electric cars. Other slight quibbles that come up are the limited visibility in the back window, and that while the boot is a good size, some of the ID.3 competitors have a larger space, should it be an important element in your choice.

However, all in all, the Volkswagen ID.3 is fantastic, with great styling that’s easy for anyone to get along with. Its unfussy and not too futuristic, and the drive quality and acceleration and suspension are excellent. And it’s a comfortable car that’s easy to recommend to those who want to make the switch to electric driving.

And then it’s just up to you, if you go for the most accessible versions that are perfect for town and city driving, and capable of real distance too, or if you want to splash out on the new Volkswagen ID.3 Tour Pro S because you do some proper commutes or cross-country trips, and don’t mind spending a bit more for a range that you can rave about.